Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hate, North Carolina-Style

In our capital city, racist graffiti threatening the life of Barack Obama was painted in NCSU's free expression tunnel. In Cullowee, a dead bear wearing Obama political signs was dumped at WCU. A "prank?" Or a message?

Twenty-eight organizations identified as "hate groups" blanket the state from Southport to Waynesville. Is North Carolina a haven for hate?

The Southern Poverty Law Center has documented hundreds of hate incidents across the country specifically linked to Obama's victory. Hate crimes are sobering, chilling, and heartbreaking.

What can we do as North Carolinians to fight this scourge? We must speak out against all forms of intolerance. Learn ten ways to fight hate. Get involved with a progressive movement
such as HK on J that helps us reach across racial
and other lines to focus on common ground.

Participate in groups (cultural, faith-based, social, academic) to join like-minded North Carolinians in celebrating our diversity. Connect with a local social justice group. Write, talk, reach out. Don't look away.

Positive change is here. Let's keep it going.

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Rochelle said...

Thank you so much for posting this. This is one way to be involved in fighting these types of behaviors. Thank you, again.