Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Still Lying After All These Years

President George W. Bush is still doing it. I wish I could believe the lies he told Charlie Gibson; maybe I'd feel better about the war, the carnage, and the mob evil that put us there.

I can't. I'm not able to fall for the crying in beer routine; the disgusting appeal for sympathy. The mound of untruths grows higher and higher, like a nasty pile of steaming, rotting garbage.

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A profound conversion is what it would take. For him to accept some culpability for the perverted agenda; for the reprehensible and calculated mission that forced the United States into war unneccessarily--it would require his being born again.

George W. Bush and mob friends: You did it! Well done. All worked as planned. The American people don't "like" you? Who cares?! Good work. "Mission Accomplished."

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